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Here's what others are saying...

"Bryan is a true Six Sigma Quality leader and expert.  He has a gift of simplifying the complicated and of implementing effective strategies.  He has been called upon to lead quality improvement eforts at large businesses and small, and his methods have been effective in every case.  Bryan's communication skills and his ability to relate to individuals at every level of the business are absolutely of the highest caliber.


"If it is your desire to increase the quality competitiveness of your business, to lead in terms of quality rather than follow, then I recommend Bryan Blunt to you without hesitation."

-Corporate Director of Quality


"Bryan Blunt was invaluable in helping our company improve our process control and defect management.  Without him, we could not have as completely or effectively implemented a Defect Management System (DMS) or Statistical Process Control (SPC).  His professional knowledge of both DMS and SPC, and how they support a complete quality management system, was also of great benefit to us because he shared that knowledge and trained the key people on the principles of Statistical Process Control.


"But even more noteworthy is how he created good working relationships and teamwork in the execution phase.  His hands-on involvement with users and stakeholders was a motivating force.  Bryan laid a great foundation for us to sustain continuous improvement in our processes.  And by the way, some of our customers are demanding advanced quality systems to improve our processes, so Bryan's help provided the way and allowed us to improve key customer relationships.


"I do not hesitate to give my complete recommendation of Bryan Blunt to any company seeking to improve their quality processes and, as a result, earn delighted customers."

- Business Unit Quality Manager

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